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A few years ago, I used to be a teacher and adored spending my days with 5 year old cuties. They enlightened me every morning and left an imprint on my heart. Today, I am a wife, mommy of two young munchkins, a home chef, writer, clearance shopper and a strict family financial accountant. So here we are…

Writing has found me…

A rediscovered passion. A new pathway. A fresh start.

My interests:

  • cooking ethnic creations
  • doing messy crafts with kids
  • visiting parks
  • spending time outdoors
  • organizing our home
  • shopping clearance aisles
  • my favorite: using an assortment of global ingredients, herbs and spices to invent yummy cultural bites in the kitchen (it’s more than a hobby, rather a cooking addiction as my family and friends call it)

I do all this because I enjoy it and I love saving money doing it. Lots of money. And I will show you how. We will do this together as a team. Shop, cook and save with lots of  fun, confidence and gratitude. Everyday. Every week.

Living frugally will become a lifestyle.

I’ll show you ways to:

  • Track your spending
  • Shop with ease
  • Spend less and save more
  • Manage your finances thoroughly
  • Create fun recipes that cost just a few bucks to make

Cooking healthy deliciousness will be our thing and your family will thank you.

Why “Spunky Saver?” because…

Saving money and cooking is fun and requires lots of spunk. Toss these together and you get a mom who loves to cook, save money and have fun!

spunk – courage, determination, confidence, daring, spirit, grit, audacity, mettle


I am not a financial expert in any way. I am simply a mom, wife, friend and shopper just like you. However, I am a strong believer of cherishing every dollar you earn. I am strict with our family spending and make sure every transaction is recorded. Because as crazy as that sounds, budgeting every single dollar gives us a clearer picture of where our money goes. And no matter what your household income is, the rules are the same when it comes to saving money. 

Rule #1

Tracking most all of your spending will save you money.

Rule #2

Living within below your means will save you money. 

Rule #3

Saying yes no more often will save you lots of money. 


If you are ready to be thrifty, have fun, spend less and smile more knowing your finances are on track, then hop aboard and join me. 

Here we go spunkers! Let the journey begin…